Beautiful Marbled Prints with Shaving Cream!

Part of this year’s Valentine’s Day cards for us involved using shaving cream to create beautiful marbled prints. I’ve been seeing many posts lately on social media of Shaving Cream Art and had to test it out. I thought marbled Valentine’s colours would work beautifully on our Valentine’s Day “Cards” which are actually small 8×8 canvases. I should have tested it out first for myself before involving children in the process, however what would a craft be without some yelling and excitement in this house?! I also should have known that since we use shaving cream in sensory bins, that the first thought would be that we’re playing with tabletop sensory dishes and not creating artistic gifts. Argh!!


  • Shallow dish (I used a shallow backing pan and a shallow pyrex dish)
  • Shaving Cream (not gel)
  • Liquid watercolours, food colouring, or paint for colour (we used pink and red since it’s for Valentine’s Day cards)
  • Paper or canvas
  • Scraper with flat straight edge (we used a ruler and popsicle sticks)
  • Something to drag through the shaving cream to give the colours the marble effect (we used plastic forks)
  • Surface for drying
  • Wet cloth and/or wipes


  1. Cover the surface that you’re working on and gather a couple of wet cloths and/or package of wipes.
  2. Cover the bottom of the shallow baking dish with shaving cream and spread around gently to slightly smooth out the surface.

    Marble Effect Shaving Cream Art Prep


  3. Add blobs and drops of chosen colours. You want to add several blobs randomly spaced. We tried with both food colouring and tempera paint as I had no pink liquid watercolour. I preferred the tempera paint to the food colouring. It added a thicker richness when using the canvas vs regular paper.

    Shaving Cream Marbled Art colour prep with food colouring.


    Shaving Cream Marbled Art colour prep with tempera paint.


  4. Using the plastic fork or tool to gently drag through shaving cream, join the blobs of paint to begin to create the marbled effect. C wanted to scoop and mix right away, so guidance was needed to show him the proper dragging motion.

    Shaving Cream Marbled Art colour prep. Dragging fork through shaving cream to create marble effect. “Joining” the paint blobs is a great description to use for kids.


    Shaving Cream Marbled Art colour prep. Dragging fork through shaving cream to create marble effect.


  5. Place canvas or paper face down in the shaving cream. Press down gently but firmly to ensure all areas of canvas or paper are covered in shaving cream and colour. We also shifted canvases slightly back and forth while face down in the shaving cream.

    Shaving Cream Marbled Art prep.


    Shaving Cream Marbled Art prep. Place Canvas or paper facedown in shaving cream.


    Shaving Cream Marbled Art prep. Place Canvas or paper facedown in shaving cream and shift slightly back and forth.

  6. Carefully remove canvas or paper from shaving cream. Try not to get your finger prints all over the front side of the artwork.

    Shaving Cream Marbled Art. Removing canvas from shaving cream.


  7. Using the ruler or whatever flat straight edge you chose, scrape the excess shaving cream off of canvas or paper. Get right down to the canvas or paper. Try and scrape off all at once to prevent lines in artwork, however for certain sizes, this may not be possible. With the ruler, I held one end and B or C held the other. This got them involved in this step of the process.

    Shaving Cream Marbled Art. Scraping step with flat straight edge.


  8. (Optional) At this point, while still wet, you can add glitter.
  9. Let dry and admire the uniqueness of each piece.

Shaving Cream Marbled Art on Canvas


Shaving Cream Marbled Art on Paper. Colours are far brighter on paper vs. canvas. 



**If you are doing multiples and you begin to notice that the colour of the shaving cream is less marbled and beginning to become a solid colour, you can just add a layer of fresh shaving cream on top and drag your stirring tool through it as in step 4.

Shaving Cream Marbled Art. Fresh layer of shaving cream as original layer was becoming saturated with one colour.

**By the end of the artistic process, the baking trays do make great mini sensory bins…that make me cringe. Everyone went into the shower after asap, clothes and all!!!

Shaving Cream Marbled Art Aftermath.


Happy marbling! Each print will be absolutely beautiful and unique and you just might not want to let them go! 😉





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