Favourite Valentine’s Day Card

Favourite Valentine’s Day Card

I’m not one to buy the typical commercial Valentine’s Day cards, however I know the day is coming when I will jump on that bandwagon. Last year, I just made Clothespin Name Recognition Sticks¬†(click for link) inspired by “Munchkins and Moms” for family and didn’t do traditional cards. The year before, I couldn’t decide between two cards that I found on Pinterest so we made both! Out of the two, this one was my favourite:

“Bee Mine” Footprint & Handprint Card¬†

“Bee Mine” Footprint & Handprint Card

C made a footprint bee and B made a handprint B. C was 4 months old at the time and we all know how easy it is to get a decent handprint from a 4 month old, so I went with the footprint for him. B was 16 months old at the time so a handprint was far easier with her.

  • Paint hand and/or foot yellow to create the yellow bee’s body on page. I mass produced the handprints and footprints on separate papers (8 prints/sheet) and cut them out to be placed on the actual folded cards after dry. It’s far easier to do it that way with toddlers than to have to grab separate cards as you’re doing each print.
  • Let dry
  • Paint black lines or use black sharpie/marker to draw black lines on bodies of bees.
  • Add stinger, antennas, and face to bee prints. I used sharpie instead of paint for the face as it’s hard to paint the small details.
  • Paint on or use sharpie to draw wings. As it’s Valentine’s themed, the wings are heart-shaped.
  • Let dry
  • (optional) Once dry, I painted over the black body stripes and wings with a glitter paint that dried clear to add some sparkly effect.
  • Complete card with “Bee Mine” saying.
  • Admire your creations!

“Bee Mine” Valentine’s Day Cards




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