Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Family & Friends

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Family & Friends

Disclaimer: ***Spoiler alert if you’re family!***

Remember my Beautiful Marbled Prints with Shaving Cream Art post? (click name for link) That was just the beginning of this year’s Valentine’s Gift for close friends and family. The finished product is one of the cutest things that I’ve ever seen…but I’m partial because my children are involved. I had to share because if you’re still in need of creating something special for Valentine’s Day 2017, there is still time! Supplies are also cheaper at certain stores as they become more and more discounted prior to February 14th.

After letting the shaving cream art dry completely, I went out and purchased the following materials and then followed the instructions below. I’m not an avid Modge Podge user and therefore was nervous to give it a go, but my sister-in-law has created some awesome things with it so I thought it would be safe!


  • Shaving Cream Art Marbled Print Canvases
  • Mod Podge Glossy finish (Michaels)
  • Decorative hearts, flowers, sequins, felt hearts, butterflies, stickers, etc. (The pretty paper butterflies, flowers, and hearts were found at Michaels and were 50% off a few weeks before Valentien’s Day. Most other decorations were from Dollar Tree or Dollarama.)
  • Photos of children to adhere to canvas (Printed at London Drugs)
  • Paintbrush
  • Glitter paint (Michaels)
  • I watched this Mod Podge video prior and it helped a lot:


  1. Cut out photos. Cut out photos that you want to use in desired shapes.
  2. Glitter paint the marbled prints. This step is optional, however it really adds some awesomeness to the canvases and creates a nicer background to work with. Let dry.

    Valentine’s Gift with Marbled Prints. Glitter paint the canvases for an extra awesome background to work with. This step is optional.

    Valentine’s Gift with Marbled Prints. Glitter paint the canvases for extra awesomeness. Although you really can’t tell in this photo.

  3. Mod Podge entire canvas. Paint a layer of Mod Podge over the entire canvas. I painted a generous layer because I was placing different medias on the canvas (foam, glitter, felt, etc.).

    Valentine’s Gift with Marbled Prints. Paint layer of Mod Podge over entire canvas.


  4. Place photos in desired position. Make sure your hands are clean before doing so, but put pressure on photo to help it adhere and remove any air pockets underneath.

    Valentine’s Gift with Marbled Prints. Placing photos.


  5. Place other decorations. Place other decorations on Mod Podge layer. If you need to add more mod podge where you are placing items, you can. You want to make sure that it’s adhering before you paint over it and seal it. It doesn’t need to dry completely before sealing, however you want to make sure that everything sticks so that when you paint over it, it’s not all moving around on you.
  6. Seal. Paint over everything (with exceptions of felt if using) to seal and finish. Don’t worry- it will dry clear! I panicked a few times. I tried painting over the felt hearts on one of the canvases and it dries completely clear, however it doesn’t leave a “felty” finish. Certain decorations I left exposed while sealing others with the Mod Podge.

    Valentine’s Gifts. Sealing with Mod Podge. Certain items with texture were left uncoated and others sealed and finished with final coat of Mod Podge.

    Completed Valentine’s Gifts with Shaving Cream Marbled Prints. Sooooo cute!

Completed Valentine’s Gifts with Shaving Cream Marbled Prints.

You know you now want to make one…or 10… and possibly not gift them to anyone because they’re so lovely! Happy Valentine’s Crafting and don’t forget to share with those crafty friends of yours in need of some inspiration.

I am in no way associated with any of the products used or stores where purchased.

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