Alphabet Easter Egg Activities

Alphabet Easter Egg Activities

Those plastic easter eggs that you can buy from almost anywhere around Easter come in handy if you’re looking for something educational, physical for energy burning, and Easter related all in one. I began with them as a lowercase to uppercase matching activity and then took a gross motor skill direction after that.


  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Sharpie
  • Spoon(s)
  • Something to walk on that makes balancing difficult. (pillows, physio equipment, etc.)
    • We use our SPRI Balance Pods¬†because that’s what we use for our physio exercises.
  • Buckets (laundry baskets, buckets, bins, etc.)


Instructions & Activity Ideas: 

Alphabet Easter Egg Creation-

Using the plastic Easter eggs, write an uppercase and lowercase letter (same letter) on either side of the egg with a sharpie. You want to use a marker that won’t rub off. Do this for all letters of the alphabet.

Alphabet Easter Egg Match-Up-

  • Initially we used the eggs as an uppercase to lowercase letter identification and matching activity.
  • I put all of the egg halves in a laundry basket and encouraged B & C to match them up.
  • When matched and put together to form a full egg, they were to place in a separate bucket. The transfer was close and there wasn’t any distance between the beginning and the end of the activity.
  • There are awesome fine motor skill muscles at work when trying to get those egg halves together. It’s tricky, especially for those little hands!

Alphabet Easter Egg Rainbow Walk-

  • Same idea as the Match-Up with a greater distance between the beginning and the end with balance pods along the way. This makes it an excellent gross-motor skills activity! Balance, core strengthening, coordination, depth perception, visual spatial skills, body awareness, and much more is all involved in this one.
  • This complimented our St. Patrick’s Day activities, however it could be done at anytime and indoors or outdoors.
  • We began with a bucket on one end of the rainbow that contained all of the alphabet halves. If I were to do this again, I wouldn’t use all of the letters at once. I also offered tennis balls & pylons in the event the eggs became boring. Rainbow pieces could be placed in rainbow shape (curved) for added difficulty.
  • The idea was to match an uppercase letter with it’s lowercase letter, put the halves together to complete the egg, and get it across the rainbow pods. Once egg ends were put together, the egg was placed on a spoon and carried across the rainbow to the bucket on the other end. How rewarding it is to drop that egg in the bucket at the end!

Alphabet Easter Egg Rainbow Walk prepped and ready to go!

Alphabet Easter Egg Rainbow Walk- Letters matched!

Alphabet Easter Egg Rainbow Walk- We did this activity with and without AFO braces. Definitely harder with braces! Seemed to be the shoes that threw B off balance.




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