DIY Felt Easter Bunny

DIY Felt Easter Bunny

I made a felt Easter Bunny a couple of years ago and sadly didn’t take photos while I was making it. It was probably because all I wanted to do was have it done in as little time as possible back then. I look at it now as I put it up on the wall for yet another year and think to myself “wow, I put a lot of effort into this!” I’ve done my best to take photos of the separate parts that make up this awesome DIY Felt Easter Bunny.


  • Felt (plan your colours)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Eyes of some sort (I used googly. You could also make out of felt.)
  • Command hooks
  • Velcro (lots of it)


1- Blue felt background is a 3′ x 3′ sheet of felt that comes as such from Michaels. I use the same blue felt background for the Easter Bunny as I do for my snowman at Christmas time and just flip it over depending on which one I’m displaying. There are so many colours to choose from.

Felt Section at Michaels. So much to choose from!

2- To hang the felt background- I poke a small whole in each top corner and place a piece of velcro (with a whole cut in the middle) over top of the hole for reinforcement when hung. Felt stretches easily and when pulled on I find it loses its shape quickly. I use those easy-removable Command hooks to hang the felt.

3- Easter Bunny Body using a large white sheet of felt-

  • I cut out a circular head for the bunny.
  • I then cut out a large egg shape for the body and two legs. The legs and feet are shaped to look as if the bunny is sitting and I googled a lot of bunny images to get them just right. I added the pink stripes to the feet using pink sharpie to make them look like paws.
  • For the bunny’s stomach, I cut out an oval in light pink, smaller than the body.
  • I hot glued all of the body parts together as seen in the photo and added velcro pieces to the back. I made sure to place more velcro where it gets heavy when hung up.

DIY Felt Easter Bunny Body- Front side.

DIY Felt Easter Bunny Body- Back side.

3- For the tail, I cut out a circle of pink felt and a circle of fluffy white felt that I had left over from something else and glued them together. I glued the white on top of the pink and put velcro on the back of the pink circle.

DIY Felt Easter Bunny Tail

4- For the ears, I took pink felt and cut them out in ear shapes. I then outlined them with white furry felt. I hot glued them together and put velcro on the back of each ear.

DIY Felt Easter Bunny Ears


5- For the nose, I cut out 2 small pink nose shaped pieces of felt (one slightly bigger than the other) and 6 think strips of grey felt. I laid the larger pink one down on the table and glued 6 grey strips on to it to make it look like whiskers. I then glued the smaller pink nose shaped piece of felt on top of all of that. I basically sandwiched the grey whiskers strips between the two pink nose pieces. Velcro went on the back of the nose and the ends of all 6 strips of grey whiskers.

6- For eyes, I stuck velcro on the back of 2 giant googly eyes.

7- For fun I added some extras:

  • Felt Chicks with Feathers– I drew little chicks on yellow felt with a marker and cut them out. I then glued yellow feathers onto them and drew one black dot on the head for an eye.   

    DIY Easter Chicks

  • Carrot Garden- Using a rectangular piece of grey felt and a rectangular piece of black felt the same size, I made a pocket (glued 3 sides and left 1 open). The black side is to look like dirt and the grey side is the backside. I had felt carrots made from a previous project of mine and I used three of them to “plant” into the garden. Each one also has a piece of velcro attached so that they can be placed on the blue felt background.

    DIY Carrot Garden


  • Felt Easter Eggs- This was the easiest part! I just took 2 different funky felt patterns and cut out a bunch of egg shapes. I made them so that eggs could be counted and put in the basket. Velcro pieces are on the backs of all of them.

    Felt Easter Eggs


  • Easter Basket- I weaved strips of orange and patterns felt to create a basket. I glued the meeting strips to hold it all together. I had no pattern to follow and really wish I had taken a photo at the time. For the handle, I braided 3 strips together and glued the ends to the basket edges. Velcro pieces are attached to one side of the basket so that it can hang from the blue felt background. It required a lot of velcro to stick well. I had found little chicks for the basket, but after one season they became kind of scary looking so I’ll have to replenish the supply.

    Easter Basket Felt Weaving

    Easter Basket Felt Weaving- Back with velcro

8- Voila! Play time!

DIY Felt Easter Bunny


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