Fork Print Bearded Leprechauns

Fork Print Bearded Leprechauns

How cool is it to use household items to produce cool crafts and artwork?! A fork can be used for many things and for St. Patrick’s day we used it to create the beards of our leprechauns. Different shapes of forks create different patterns and some need to be pressed down a certain way to show the actual fork print depending on the curve in the fork.


  • Paper
  • Construction paper for hats, belts, buckles, etc. (could also be coloured on)
  • Eyes (could also be drawn on)
  • Scissors
  • Paint (red, orange, yellow, brown depending on tone that you want)
  • Forks (we used real and plastic)
  • Glue


  1. Trace face shape on paper. I traced a paper plate to ensure that my circle was round.
  2. Choose eyeballs and glue on. We have an abundance of eyeballs to choose from, however they could also be drawn on.
  3. Dip fork in paint and fork print away along beard line and around face. I was cringing that C was going to high up the face with his fork prints, but it made his beard look extra full and fluffy! 
  4. Allow to dry for a few minutes.
  5. While paint is drying, you can put hats together. I had cut out green hats and belt and buckle strips. I placed glue where needed and B & C placed the appropriate pieces where they needed to go. 
  6. Glue hat on Leprechaun face.
  7. Add other desired facial features like nose, mouth, etc.
  8. Display finished Leprechauns!

    Leprechauns on display!


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