Organic Sleep

Organic Sleep

Choosing a crib mattress for our children was as overwhelming as choosing the right car seat. Think about it- how many hours do you spend on your mattress? Maybe we should consider the answer based on life before children! BUT think about that baby stage and upwards…how many hours a day do those precious and delicate skinned little bodies spend on a mattress? What is in a mattress, slowing seeping from a mattress, sprayed on a mattress, and where the materials come from is so important! Do you know what memory foam, gel-infused foam, and innerspring are made up of and what chemicals they contain? It’s not a pretty picture once you start to do your research. For us the organic mattress way was the only way for our children (and let’s clarify, this is not for everyone and there is no judgment if it’s not).

There is so much information to take in when researching “organic” goods and weeding out misleading information from facts becomes exhausting. I spent months trying to decide on a brand that fell within our wish list criteria. When B was born at 27 weeks, my time to choose the right mattress was all of a sudden cut short and I needed to get down to business on that decision-making thing. Not that a mattress was needed ASAP, but a good organic mattress is often made-to-order and can take roughly 6 weeks for estimated delivery.

Why the Obasan & Sleeptek brands?

I wish I would have saved it at the time, but I had finally come across a blog post that compared popular organic mattress brands with a Canadian brand, Obasan. This was like a hallelujah moment for me! There was nothing about the other organic mattresses that “sold me”. Once comparing the quality and makeup of an Obasan mattress to other brands, there was no doubt about it- Obasan it was! Want to know why?

  • Obasan is Canadian made in Ontario, Canada using the best materials from all over the world.
  • They source and use the finest quality materials in the world. From Peruvian Organic Cotton, to Organic Argentinian Wool, to Sri Lankan Organic Rubber, to renewable Canadian wood, they have it all.
  • They are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textiles Standards) for over 15 years.
  • They gather and cook their Organic Rubber using the Dunlop Process and no chemicals are used. When comparing the Organic Rubber origin and manufacturing process specific to each organic mattress brand, I would say that this is the one of the factors that makes Obasan stand out from the rest. I can rest easy, knowing that my children are resting safely and chemical-free. 
  • At certain times of the year, with the purchase of a mattress, a wool moisture pad protection is included! Say goodbye to those noisy plastic covers and ones that are made from who knows what! Want to know why wool is the way to go for moisture protection? Click here!
  • *For Adults: “We recognize that each sleeping partner is different. That’s why we don’t create a one-size-fits-all mattress. We customize each mattress based on weight distribution, predominant sleeping position, and spinal alignment by using a different firmness of organic rubber in each section, side-to-side, top-to-bottom.” How cool is that?! They customize your side and your partner’s side in one mattress.
  • Their customer service is awesome. I look forward to phoning them.
  • They offer great sales throughout the year.
  • Their product selection & variety is impressive. Their pillows are incredible and there are a few different styles to choose from- something for everyone!
Obasan Organic Mattress

Obasan Organic Mattress with Wool Moisture Pad Protection

When we needed to upsize to a “big kid bed”, it was a given that we would stick with Obasan. We’ve purchased the first 3 out of 4 mattresses directly from Obasan now. The last mattress out of the four, was purchased locally through Carbon Environmental Boutique who carries the Sleeptek brand. At the time, Carbon was having a super sale on their organic mattresses where a wool moisture protection pad was also included with purchase. I wanted to know more about the sleep products they carried and guess what?! Sleeptek is the maker of Obasan and they’ve been around since 1985! By purchasing a Sleeptek mattress, not only were we still supporting the makers of the Canadian company we had fallen in love with, but we were also supporting local by purchasing through Carbon Environmental Boutique and we saved money!

Excited for her Organic Obasan Mattress!

Pretty excited for his Organic Sleeptek Mattress!!

Ways to save money when choosing organic:

Saving money or getting a deal is always an important factor when purchasing anything, so when purchasing organic, there are a couple of ways that you can save money.

  • Skip the “toddler” or single bed and go straight for the double/full size. An Obasan or Sleeptek mattress is supposed to last 20 years plus so right there you’re cutting out a significant purchase from the sleep equation. As an Obasan employee worded it “your child will move out with their mattress.”
  • Shop the sales. Sales occur throughout the year and different organic additions are included with purchase, depending on the sale item. We waited with all four mattresses for a sale where with the purchase of a mattress, a wool moisture protection pad was included. With a double/full size mattress, this saved us $330! Why wool? You can check out my post here. 

Obasan Organic Mattress with Wool Moisture Pad Protection

Obasan Organic Mattress with Wool Moisture Pad Protection

Now, as previously stated, the organic mattress choice isn’t for everyone for a variety of reasons. If your child doesn’t have an organic mattress to sleep on, that doesn’t make you a bad or careless parent, nor does it make me a better parent because my children do. This was simply written to help offer a trusted local and Canadian made suggestion, as the world of organics for many is difficult to navigate, which in turn, often leads to people steering clear of it. Any questions, just ask! I love to talk organic!


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