Four Super Simple Sensory Bins

Four Super Simple Sensory Bins

In need of some new sensory bin ideas? Don’t have a lot of time, but want to try something fun? Need something therapeutic? I’ve put together a list of 4 Super Simple Sensory Bins that I’ve been playing around with lately. All of them have been successful for different reasons. Want to prepare some for yourself? Here’s my list:

1- How to Dye Rice– One of the most questions that I’m asked is “how do you dye your rice?” I’ve tried dying rice with a variety of colour products now and I think I’ve settled on a winner. Want to know what it is? Read here.

How to dye rice- Sensory Bin Prep

Rainbow Rice

2- Cloud Dough is something that my children have played with at sensory play events, but not something that they’ve played with at home until this past week. Read how I made mine in my “How to prepare Cloud Dough” post.


3- Water Beads! A person just can’t get enough of Water Beads! Did you know they are super easy to prepare? To learn how to prepare Water Beads, click here.

How to prepare Water Beads!


4- Oobleck is a 2-ingredient non-newtonian substance that isn’t quite a liquid and isn’t quite a solid all at the same time. I remember making it in school as a child. To make your own, click here.

How to prepare Oobleck- Sensory Bin Prep


What are your super simple Sensory Bins to prepare? What makes it super simple for you? I want to know!



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