Canada Day Handprint Flag Art Keepsake!

Canada Day Handprint Flag Art Keepsake!

Need a super simple Canada Day art activity to do with kids? I’ve got just what you need with this Canada Day Handprint Flag Art Keepsake!


  • Paper
  • Red paint
  • Child’s hand
  • Canada Flag Image for reference.


1- On the paper of your choice, draw guidelines of where you want your child to paint red for the red stripes on the Canada Flag. If you’re able to present a Canada flag image for reference, this will help your child visualize what they need to do.

2- Offer red paint and paintbrushes and have your child paint in the lines that you drew. Depending on age, you may want to do this for your child, or help guide them with your touch. If you’re letting a toddler/preschooler do it, it will most likely not turn out perfect, but they will have done it themselves and they’ll be so excited. It’s the process that matters!

3- Paint your child’s hand red and either you place or ask them to place their hand in the middle of the white space on their flag. This handprint will take the place of the maple leaf on the Canada flag.

4- Allow to dry and then either carry it with you with pride or display somewhere in your home.

*When doing any kind of activity like this, it is a great opportunity for you to discuss with your child colours, shapes, meanings, etc. Teach them what a maple leaf is, where it grows, and why it is significant to Canadians. Discuss why we live in Canada and where family members are from. Sing the national anthem while you’re at it! A child isn’t too little to begin to learn all of this. They may not truly understand, but they’ll remember and begin to recognize symbols outside the home as well.

~ Mercedes


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