My Five Favourite FREE Home Workout YouTube Channels

My Five Favourite FREE Home Workout YouTube Channels

Fitness routines throughout parenthood can be a challenge. It’s often the first thing to cut from the to-do list when life gets crazy busy. Active living, whether a walk, run, HIIT workout, yoga class, etc… is something, however, that should be one of the last things cut from that daunting list of things to do because it’s what helps keep us energized and in good spirits. We need those endorphins to help keep our minds clear.

I’ve noticed an increase in fitness facilities who are offering child-minding services aside from major gyms. This is such a wonderful trend in my opinion. How awesome is it for a mom or dad to have multiple class options throughout the day with child-minding services?! (That’s my favourite thing about Inferno Pilates in Sherwood Park.) BUT for me, it’s not financially possible at this point in my life to join a gym or register for classes. Working out at home isn’t always the most effective form of exercise and my kids don’t always cooperate with my plans, but it works. I’ve been a fitness fanatic all my life, so I feel blessed that I’m self-motivated to workout wherever I am. I will find a way to cram it in whether it’s at the playground with my kids, after they go to bed, before the sun comes up, while folding laundry… you get the idea.

I’ve never had to work so hard to get back into shape as I did after my second child was born. I was so worried about having another preemie that I didn’t workout much when I was pregnant the second time around. I suffered from a lot of swelling and hormonal imbalances. So the road to fit after he was born has been the hardest one so far. Along the way, I’ve found some awesome FREE channels to follow with a wide range of workout styles and fitness levels and I cannot wait to share them with you!

  1.  BodyRock: My absolute favourite! This is what I use on a regular basis.
    • Pros: Many different instructors to choose from. Wide range of fitness level workouts (beginner to advanced). Super variety of styles to choose from for example, HIIT, yoga, targeted areas, cardio, strength, etc. HIIT workouts are perfect for those with little time to fit a workout in. Awesome YouTube channel with all kinds of FREE workouts and plans to follow. Click for –> BodyRock YouTube. They also offer a subscription service (Sweatflix) with access to all YouTube videos plus so much more. Not sure about it? Sweatflix offers a free 1 month trial with an easy to use app.  You can access extra workouts for FREE on their website as well. They are detailed and come with photo instructions. Need to be reminded? You can sign up for certain workout programs and have a new workout emailed to you every day for FREE.
    • Cons: If you purchase anything, it’s in US funds (prices are not in CDN funds). For certain extra awesome workouts or for complete 3 week programs, you do need to have access to Sweatflix. Some of the bodies seem unattainable to the average person and this can be hard to look past as a mom or dad who’s just trying to get a workout in when they can.
  2. FitnessBlender: This is what I most often alternate BodyRock with. When I need to switch is up or I’ve done too much of the same thing, I add some FitnessBlender to my routine. It’s a husband and wife team who’ve created all of the videos.
    • Pros: Huge variety to choose from. Varying levels of difficulty. Modifications shown throughout. Videos are FREE! Check out their YouTube channel for a closer look. There’s an app! iTunes app & Android app.
    • Cons: Sometimes I find their videos boring. They don’t talk much and often it’s a white background with makes me feel disconnected from what they’re doing. Maybe I’m weird like that though. 
  3. JenHeward:
    • Pros: There are some really challenging workouts. She offers workouts for travel and different spaces. She discusses supplements and what she uses. She’s real and her body is real which makes her easier to relate to in my opinion. Videos are FREE!
    • Cons: Most often I find, you need equipment or to be physically in a gym. Her personality definitely doesn’t jive with everyone, but once you get through the sometimes lengthy beginnings of chatter, the workouts are great. 
  4. BeFiT:
    • Pros: Lots of variety (strength, cardio, dance, yoga, etc.) and targets to many fitness levels. I like that they bring in different instructors for certain videos. I would recommend this channel to beginners to intermediate levels. Health hacks and recipes offered as well.
    • Cons: I found that after a certain point, I needed more difficult workouts and there weren’t enough with this channel to challenge me. 
  5. POPSUGAR Fitness:
    • Pros: Huge variety of styles to choose from. Fun workouts with energetic host. Popular on social media. Prenatal workouts! Recipes. There’s an app!
    • Cons: This was another channel that I felt only took me so far with certain workout styles and intensity and then I needed to find something more challenging. 

For equipment at home I use:

  • Bosu Ball
  • Exercise Ball
  • Free Weights
  • Kettlebells
  • Weighted Vest (BodyRock)
  • Couch (Step Ups, Tricep dips, Raised pushups)
  • Ottoman & Stairs (Step ups & Box jumps)

Would love to hear what your favourite channels, videos, trainers, and workouts are! There is so much out there to choose from that surely there is more to love!

~ Mercedes






  1. K Garland
    November 18, 2017 / 2:59 pm

    Do you subscribe to sweatflix, or think there is enough free content? Great article! Thanks!

    • liveitallin
      November 19, 2017 / 11:20 am

      I usually subscribe for a few months every year to switch it up. Otherwise, I believe that there is enough free content. There are the Facebook live videos that are great and lots on youtube. I used only youtube for the longest time and that was enough. Hope that helps!

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