Shaving Cream Marble Painting Canada150 Style!

Shaving Cream Marble Painting Canada150 Style!

If you like Shaving Cream Marble Painting, here’s a great version for you to incorporate celebrating Canada Day at the same time!

For more detailed instructions on Shaving Cream Marble Painting, check out live it ALL IN’s blog post on it here.


  • Paper in the form of Maple Leaf(s)
  • Shaving cream
  • Liquid watercolour
  • Tray
  • Squeegee or hard flat surface like a credit card


1- Cut out maple leaves from a template printed off of google images or cut out from something with a maple leaf on it. I used the cut outs of the maple leaves from paper plates that I purchased at Party City. I used the outside of the plates for another activity and kept all of the inner maple leaves for another activity.

2- In a tray of some sort (I use backing trays or pyrex dishes) spray in shaving cream.

3- Add drops of liquid watercolour, food colouring, or paint throughout. I used liquid watercolour this time and it worked beautifully!

4- Using the handle of a paintbrush, toothpick, fork, etc…, mix colour into shaving cream. You will begin to see marbled effect beginning to take shape.

5- Once you’re satisfied with the look of the colour in the shaving cream, lay maple leaves on top of shaving cream.

6- Press down gently on paper to ensure that all corners and parts are covered in shaving cream mixture.

7- Remove paper maples leaves from the shaving cream.

8- Lay paper shaving cream side up on separate tray and hold down one corner with finger.

9- Using squeegee or straight edge, scrape off excess shaving cream.

10- You should now see a gorgeous marbleized effect coloured onto the paper. This pattern and colour will not come off once dry.

11- Lay maple leaves out to dry and use them to decorate! Make garland, place them in frames, decorate frames and mirrors, give them as cards, etc.

Happy Celebrating!

~ Mercedes


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