enso Rings & OMB Silicone Rings Review!

enso Rings & OMB Silicone Rings Review!

“Like a bull in a china shop” was how my mom has described me my entire life and my husband has never said it out loud, however, he says it with his eyes time and time again…ok, possibly several times a day. Let me tell you, when comparing my sister and I, I was definitely not on the receiving end of any delicate or graceful genes. For this reason, I don’t wear ‘nice’ jewellery and I’ve always been worried about something happening to my wedding ring (that I happen to feel is one of the most beautiful things on the planet). This fear, the gunk build up in my wedding band from all of my sensory play and lifestyle with the kids, and the discomfort of wearing a metal band while lifting weights had me eyeing some silicone bands for a while now.

I recently took my wedding band in to have the stones checked, tightened, and a couple of them replaced. It turned into a really depressing ring “check up” full of bad news. On the bright side, it allowed me a chance to finally try out some silicone bands! My research began and based on personal preference of not wanting company logos on the outer sides of any band, this left me with two options- Locally made OMB (The Original Man Band) and enso Rings silicone rings. (*This being said, I recently discovered a Canadian Company KNOTHEORY who also doesn’t include an outer logo.) Want to know my thoughts? Keep reading!

enso Rings & the [Original Man Band] review and comparison.

Silicone wedding rings are just silicone rubber bands so why are they so awesome? They are heat-resistant, non-conductive, hypo-allergenic, and antibacterial. How many professions and favourite pass-times require wedding bands to be removed due to safety, cleanliness, or comfort reasons? Many! Welders and other tradesmen, medical staff, athletes, policemen (and women), firefighters, etc all require an alternative to the traditional wedding rings. They’re even awesome alternatives to travelling with your wedding bands, for pregnant women who often require to remove their bands for the last stages of gestation due to swelling, and people with medical conditions such as arthritis which cause their joints to swell. Every brand of silicone rings out there has the same purpose, however, they are all appear to offer something different from the rest. The following is my comparison of the two bands brands that I chose to purchase.


The Original Man Band [OMB]:

– Manufactured in: Alberta, Canada

– Price: $ 25.00 CDN

-Shipping: $0 (No shipping within Alberta, Canada)

Original Man Band ([WHOA]man) in Navy.


  • Locally made. You know how I like to support local, so I had to order from the [OMB].
  • Really liked the idea of no shipping and prices in CDN dollars due to our terrible exchange rate at the time when I ordered them.
  • Smooth finish with no imperfections.
  • Thick band which adds to the sturdiness of it. I like that it is less flimsy than the enso Rings band. This being said, it’s not too thick and does not affect comfort factor in any way.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Fits true to size. [WHOA]man bands start at size 5 and OMB at size 8.
  • I liked that there is a men’s [OMB] and a women’s ([WHOA]man) version.
  • Variety of colours.
  • No company logo or marking of any kind inside or outside band.


  • Not very breathable. Thick band of wrinkled skin underneath where ring was due to moisture trapped. This band of skin has never peeled though on my finger.
  • Only 1 style to choose from for men [OMB] and women [WHOA]man.
  • Not as narrow as the enso ring. I would not be able to stack 2 [WHOA]man bands on my finger.
  • The “In Stock” item took 2 weeks to ship to my address. No local pick up option. Seeing as how we’re located in the same city, I thought this might be a possibility or shipping would be quicker.
  • No tracking information to follow once notification email sent that ring had been shipped.
  • 1 of 4 messages of mine sent to [OMB] with inquiries responded to. Far less than their 85% response rate on Facebook.
  • No follow up email to review product.

Moisture rings on skin.

[WHOA]man band in Navy

enso Rings:

-Manufactured in: USA

-Price: $11.99-39.99 USD depending on style. My Elements Thin Silicone Ring in Rose Gold was $39.99. *Remember this is in USD and that with the exchange rate, it costs more.

-Shipping: $4.99 USD (Plus I had to pay a $13.00 CDN charge upon delivery to Canada Post.)

enso Rings ‘Elements’ in Rose Gold


  • Colour and style variety are amazing! The “Elements” style with actual infused elements makes for gorgeous colours.
  • Discounts on bundles purchased.
  • Both women’s and men’s versions. For the thin women’s rings, I could stack several of them if desired. They are thin enough that they allow for more stackable room, but still look big enough to be worn alone.
  • Breathable channels along inside circumference of ring to prevent moisture build up. LOVE this breathability feature.
  • enso Ring company branding on inside of ring.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Fits true to size.
  • Fast shipping. Enso Ring arrived almost a week earlier than the [OMB] and it was coming from the USA.
  • Tracking provided.
  • Follow up email received to review product.


  • Slight imperfections in outer finish of band. I’m not sure if it’s the “Elements” style or breathable channels design that makes it more difficult to create a smooth and imperfection-free band, however, there are certain parts that I hate having on the visible (to the public) side of my hand. I was surprised that any kind of quality control didn’t catch the imperfections to prevent sending a band like that out. Based on what I’ve read for reviews of this same issue, enso Rings stand by their product and have offered to replace any ring with imperfections as such. I just need to follow up.
  • Follow up email sent with chance to review.
  • They’re expensive compared to the local option (OMB). By the time the dollar exchange and all shipping charges were included, the ring cost $75 CDN.
  • It feels flimsy. It’s not as solid as the OMB ring, however, this doesn’t mean that it’s of lesser quality.
  • With this more noodly feel, it is slightly more difficult to put on and take off. I usually end up rolling it inside out and right side up over and over to get it on.

Breathable channels on inside circumference of enso Ring are awesome!

enso Ring flipped inside out to see breathable channels.



At the end of the day if I had to pick again, despite the price, the enso Rings brand is what I would choose. The variety of styles and colours, along with the breathable channels set them apart from any brand out there. It’s your wedding band after all- It should be as nice as it can be for a silicone band! Customer service plays a huge role in how and why I choose a brand or store. Without requiring to communicate with enso, I cannot accurately compare the two reviewed brands on the customer service aspect, however, I wasn’t impressed with my experience with the [OMB]. The [WHOA]man (OMB) product was not a disappointment but the general experience was. Lastly, shipping times were less (almost a week less) with enso Rings and the band was coming from the USA vs the [WHOA]man band coming from the same province that I live in.

Both rings feel awesome on! I’m thrilled that I decided to try them out. I don’t feel them when I’m working out and lifting weights, there is no shifting or swinging of bands as there is with traditional metal bands, I have no concern over cleanliness as they’re fabulous to keep clean, and when my fingers swell, I don’t have to remove my band or bear through the discomfort because they adjust! If you’re on the fence or looking for an alternative to traditional wedding bands or rings in general, I hope this helps!




This is NOT a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. I purchased both products by choice of my own and after doing my own research.

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