Simple Halloween Ghost Craft

Simple Halloween Ghost Craft

I find Halloween one of those yearly events that’s super easy to get creative with. The possibilities, characters, and colours are endless! That being said, simplicity is always a bonus.

This past weekend, I threw together a simple and essentially mess-free ghost craft in seconds!


  • White Chalk (I couldn’t find mine, so improvised with white pencil crayons and white wax crayons)
  • Scissors
  • Black construction paper
  • Orange paper
  • Glue


1- Trace a ghost outline on black construction paper.

2- Have your child(ren) colour in the outlined ghost with the chalk or other white colouring utensils. At this point, it doesn’t matter how well they can colour in the lines. They can be as precise or as crazy as they’d like.


3- Cut out ghost. Depending on level, your child(ren) could either handle this part themselves or you could do the cutting. I cut out the eye holes as that’s tricky when it’s in the middle of the sheet.


4- Glue the back of the ghost.


5- Place the ghost glue side down on the orange paper.


6- Voila! You have a simple Halloween ghost craft to display.


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