Handprint Christmas Trees

Handprint Christmas Trees

Handprint Christmas Trees are on the messier end of the spectrum, but the results or this process art craft are so cute. This was also a craft that was done over two days to allow for drying time. You can use as little or as many supplies as well to decorate the trees after. There is even no need to decorate the trees if you like the simplicity of the handprint trees as is.


  • Paper
  • Green paint
  • Glue
  • Decorations (pompoms, stickers, etc)


1- On the plain paper, place handprints in tree form. We placed our handprints facing up, but I have also seen it done with them facing down. Totally up to you. If your child is of age to understand numbers in increasing format, you could discuss that one handprint goes at the top, two handprints below, then three handprints below that, etc… For the toddler stage, I let C go crazy and then I helped placed certain prints more “strategically” to make it appear more tree-like.

2- Allow to dry completely.

3- Decorate! I felt like with this craft, I offered a lot of stuff…maybe too much stuff to decorate. It was still fun though! I allowed them to glue and bedazzle to their little hearts’ desire.


Happy Crafting!


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