About me

My family

I am a mom of 2 and wife to Quinn.

I change my hair colour and style often. Hair is definitely not something that my children know me by it changes so often. I’m sure they’ve had to memorize other features of mine. I love food and wine. Lots of wine. I’m the mom who prefers mimosas over coffee at play dates. Organic living is what I’m all about. We are the ‘crunchy’, did cloth diapers, prefer wooden toys, eat organic, gmo-fearing, don’t use perfumes/parabens/pthalates/etc… in our home, support local business, and make made in Canada products a priority kind of a family. I’m a ‘get rid of it’- no clutter kind of a person and I’m turning into a recycle hoarder to save things for future crafts. This terrifies me! I’m a perfectionist. My husband thinks I’m loud- I think I’m funny. I love the outdoors and hiking. I enjoy working out. HIIT workouts are my favourite. I despise people who can’t do traffic circles properly. I hate public washrooms. Having children really adds salt to the wound if you hate public washrooms because you spend a fair amount of time in them and yelling at your children to not touch, lick, or sit on so many different things while there. I love my family. I am so very lucky to be part of a family who loves and supports one and other. I am also lucky to have married into a wonderful family that does the same. I think it’s fair to say that I hit the in-laws jackpot.

Before having children, I was a junior high teacher. I taught a bit of everything it felt, however mostly I taught Math, Science, and French as a Second Language to grades 7-9. When deciding what to ‘be when I grew up’, I knew that I wanted to share my love of Math and Science. I knew that elementary wasn’t the age group for me. I worked in a daycare while attending university and it opened my eyes to age groups that I didn’t think I could relate to. I really enjoyed my job, however those age groups still weren’t for me. I also wasn’t ready to take on high school…after all, the kids would be wayyyy bigger than me! All jokes aside, junior high was the age group for me. People always cringed when I told them that junior high was the age that I chose and I just laughed. The attitudes, the desire to learn new things, the growing independence, the need for direction, the awkwardness, the changes, the crazy hormones, the need for a sense of humour to deal with it all- I embraced it and ran with it all while sharing my passion for Math and Science.

Then along came our children and my husband and I knew that daycare or a dayhome wasn’t what was right for us. So at home I stay with our children. I am thankful everyday that we are able to make it work and that I have a husband who feels the same way as I do about raising our children, is supportive, and works so hard to ensure we can offer this to them. We are entering the preschool years and again, for us, preschool outside the home just isn’t what’s right for us. We chose to homeschool preschool. So everything that I didn’t like about teaching elementary and why I chose junior high is coming full circle and I’m now having to adjust to this new self-created environment. In the beginning I didn’t have much motivation to really get my hands dirty, but slowly I found inspiration. I love a challenge, love to learn, and love to share what I’ve learned with others. As I posted activities that we were doing, there was so much support from other moms, friends, and family to start my own blog and run with this new chapter in my life.

So here I, the junior high teacher who wanted nothing to do with the preschool/elementary age, take on my homeschool preschool journey and hope I survive!


***As a side note, I want to stress the “what’s right for us” wording because what’s right for our family might not be for other families. That doesn’t make one choice better than another. Everyone makes decisions based on what’s right for their family and there is no judgment here. I respect and support other families’ decisions whether they align with what I feel works for me or not as I would hope others would do the same for me. Obviously there are limitations, however we most often have no idea what it’s like to live like one and other, therefore we should not judge.